My top 5 of books 2013 edition

My top 5 of books 2013 edition

Normally I write a top 5 of best books I’ve read the past year. This year however it is more of a top 3 of authors and 1 special mention:

J.D. Robb with her …in Death series: I never thought I would pick up a book written by Nora Roberts, but I was in need of a bit of crime and/or romance and In Death: The First Cases was available. Well, what is the expression: “The rest is history”? I have read the first five books this year and I will be sure to read the rest. I never knew crime and romance could go so well together. Eve Dallas is an endearing character and Roarke, ahum.. DING DONG!! And their chemistry is one to make you blush while reading in public. Next year it’s the rest of the series for me!

Andrew Kaufman. He became one of my favorite authors this year. With his The Tiny Wife I developed a soft spot for him, but with Born Weird and All My Friends are Superheroes it was a done deal. Probably not for everyone, he writes strange (absurd, even) allegoric stories, full of love, friendships and family. I’m saving The Waterproof Bible for next year to get its chance to deliver.

Deborah Harkness. Got the first book A Discovery of Witches recommended to me and I thought the person must be crazy. It’s Fantasy, it has witches, vampires and demons; in short not really my cup of tea (although I had already been proven wrong last year about vampires with the discovery of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series written by J.R. Ward). On the other hand the person had seldom been wrong, I had a vacation coming up and the book was a bargain; 1+1=3. So off I went with around 750 pages of Fantasy under my arm. The book was read within four days and I almost wished my vacation was over so I could buy and start the second book, Shadow of Night. Not as good as the first book, but good enough to leave me hungry for the third (and last) installment in the All Souls Trilogy, The Book of Life, which will be available on 15 July, 2014.

And one book gets a special mention:Wordle: my favorite books read 2013

Second Heaven written by Judith Guest. I read her Ordinary People a long time ago and it has stuck with me. I always refer to it as a Catcher in the Rye but better. This year I finally read her other book and what a compelling story it was. It will have you reading whenever you have a second of free time. Heck, you will make free time!